Gardena AquaClean

CH version, Rechargeable battery operated

The Gardena AquaClean 24/18V P4A battery-powered medium pressure cleaner is ideal for powerful, mobile cleaning around the house and garden, or on the go. It is ready for use independently of a power source. A fixed water connection is also not necessary. A container of water or an alternative water source, such as a rain barrel, is all that is needed. It is self-priming down to a depth of two metres and has three cleaning levels: 9, 14 and 24 bar. With 5 m suction hose with filter, float and clamp, three cleaning nozzles 0°, 15° and 45°, long lance for working close to the ground and short lance for short reaches. Power is supplied by an 18 V System battery from the Power for All Alliance, based on Bosch technology. This fits into a wide range of other Gardena garden tools, but can also be used across brands with numerous other products from the alliance around the home. Charger included. The set also includes a foam nozzle for dispensing cleaning additives and a 20 l foldable water tank for mobile use.

Key specifications

Max. pressure
24 bar
High-pressure washer application range
Bicycles, Outdoor furniture, Small cars, Swimming pools + patios
Maximum flow rate
250 l/h
2.20 kg
Item number