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    The Gardena GmbH with seat in Ulm is a manufacturer of garden tools and in Europe market leader. With annual sales of around 509 million euros, Gardena is the European market leader.

    In 1961 the company Kress + Kastner GmbH was founded by the merchants Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner. Five years later the brand name Gardena was created; the company was renamed Gardena Kress + Kastner GmbH. In 1968, the water hose plug-in system (original GARDENA system) was introduced, followed eight years later by the exchangeable handle connection (GARDENA combisystem). Gardena has been a subsidiary of the Swedish Husqvarna Group since 2006.

    Among many other gardening tools and equipment, the company also carries mowing robots. Many Gardena lawn mower robots are available as smart models with app control and the new Gardena Sileno City models are specifically designed for small lawns. Gardena mowing robots cover areas from 250 - 1300 sqm and, depending on the model, can cope with inclines of up to 35%. The Smart Sileno + is wirelessly connected to a smart Gateway, which can be expanded with other Gardena products. Thanks to the guide cables, the Gardena models navigate themselves through bottlenecks. In addition, they mow independently of the weather and the cutting height can be adjusted flexibly.