Garantia Ergo Vario 2


Garantia ERGO raised bed Vario 2 - modular design in many variations! With the ERGO Vario 2, you are opting for a raised bed with endless design versatility, in the space-saving and compact version of the ERGO QUADRO. The raised bed system can be flexibly designed in height, so you can individually adapt the structure of your raised bed to your needs and space conditions. One of the most popular solutions for effectively converting small spaces to horticultural use. Ergonomic working at a comfortable height - comfortable posture while gardening. The ERGO raised bed is also a convincing eye-catcher in your garden thanks to the decorative surface in 3D wood look with original structure, modern colouring, durability and UV stability. Even during the development of a GARANTIA raised bed, great importance is attached to sustainable product design. All raised beds are made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. In contrast to raised beds made of other materials, the ERGO raised bed does not need to be painted or lined with expensive foil on the inside. The FLORA water saving system included in the delivery guarantees reduced water consumption and faster growth of your plants. The ERGO raised bed can also be used multifunctionally as an open composter or herb bed. Filling it with compost and garden soil creates an ideal breeding ground for growing plants. Thanks to the good climate inside the raised bed, plants can mature faster - regardless of the actual soil conditions in your garden. In addition to flowering plants, many types of vegetables as well as kitchen herbs and fruits also thrive excellently in the ERGO raised bed, a productive and healthy harvest in a small space is pre-programmed. Vermin and slugs have a harder time reaching the plants in your raised bed. This complete set consists of 24 panels, which can be easily assembled into rectangles with a basic size of 60 x 80 cm without tools. The design and combination options are individual, as are the basic structure and height of your raised bed. Scope of delivery: 24 panels Ergo Wood, 24 corner connectors, Flora water saving system / Quality Made in Germany. 100 % recyclable. 5-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Key specifications

180 cm
80 cm
75 cm
Material group
Bed type
Raised garden bed
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