Weight benches

The weight bench, also called training bench, is the ideal training tool for your workout at home. Weight benches support your weight training by providing a seat and backrest for stability. In addition, there are weight benches with barbell and dumbbell racks, which should reduce injuries when the muscles are tired and allow a natural movement. When buying, be sure to check that the dimensions of the back and seat cushions fit your body size. The clean and correct execution of the training forms is very important.
Galaxus offers flat benches, incline benches, and negative benches that provide different workout options. When bench pressing on an incline bench, your lower chest muscles are trained and you have the opportunity to target individual muscle groups more specifically. If you want to add more exercises to your workout, it's best to choose a multistation. Training forms of a multistation are the lat pulldown, butterfly, leg curler or the back pulldown.
Brands like Gorilla Sports, Tunturi, Hammer or Horizon Fitness offer a wide variety of products. With the help of the filter functions you can narrow down the selection according to your wishes.