Barbell weights

Weight plates differ in weight and different materials. At Galaxus you can find weight plates of the well-known brands Tunturi, Gorilla Sports, Kettler and many more. Weight plates with a light weight are often used in gymnastics or coordination training. Here weight plates with integrated handles are suitable, which allow a variety of training forms without dumbbells or barbells. In addition, lifting and placing the weight plates with handle hubs is somewhat easier, as the plates lie better in the hand. However, weight plates are most commonly used in classic strength training.
Due to the different forms of application, weight plates are offered in different weight classes. In our shop you can find light and heavy weight plates, so you can regularly increase the intensity of your workout and adapt it to your goals.
Most weight plates are made of cast iron and have a rubber coating. The sheathing is designed to protect the discs from rust and prevent unnecessary noise when setting the dumbbell down. Because of these features, weights with rubber sheathing are well suited for home workouts. Similarly, dumbbells made of plastic, which are particularly durable and gentle on the floor, are also suitable. If you like to hear the metal clacking while exercising, the weight plates made of cast iron are the right choice.
It is important to mention that there are different hole diameters. The hole diameter determines whether you can push your weight plate onto the barbell. For this reason, you should know the right hole diameter before you buy. The most common diameters are 30 mm or 50 mm.