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    Review: Bowflex Selecttech 552i – the AI-assisted dumbbells

    by Patrick Bardelli


Dumbbells are an integral component of strength training routines, highly prized for their versatility and convenience. Their main function is to provide resistance for muscle training and conditioning to enhance strength, endurance, and muscle tone. Dumbbells are favored by fitness enthusiasts ranging from novice home users to professional athletes for their exercises due to easy storage, affordability, and the ability to target specific muscle groups with precision.

Within the diverse array of dumbbells, you'll find a variety of subtypes, each with distinct features. Adjustable dumbbells are perfect for those who need a range of weight options within a compact design, saving space and money. Barbells, on the other hand, are ideal for heavy lifting and can bear higher weight capacities for advanced strength training. A dumbbell set often includes pairs of fixed-weight dumbbells in varying weights, suitable for progressive training sessions. Clubbells and gym hammers are shaped differently than traditional dumbbells and are used for dynamic, rotational movements, often seen in unconventional strength programs. Weight rings are a unique twist on grip strength and can add an extra challenge to your workout.

When choosing the right dumbbells for your fitness needs, consider the weight range you require, which is generally stated in pounds or kilograms. Also, think about the material – whether you prefer the grip and feel of neoprene, rubber, or classic metal. Durability and design might also influence your decision; look for dumbbells that are easy to handle, have a non-slip grip, and if adjustable, mechanisms that are simple and secure to change weights.

Some of the most sought-after brands in the dumbbell category include Gorilla Sports, well regarded for their comprehensive dumbbell sets, perfect for users who like to have a variety of weights at hand. Fitcom is another brand that stands out with their adjustable dumbbells, catering to those seeking a customizable workout with space-saving equipment. Perform and Koor both offer high-quality dumbbells for those looking to stock their home gym with reliable, long-lasting gear, while Gladiatorfit is favored for their neoprene dumbbells, which provide users with a comfortable and colorful option, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Each of these brands brings a unique take to the dumbbell market, ensuring there's an ideal fit for every fitness enthusiast.