The weight station offers you many different workouts and a comprehensive full body workout. When choosing your weight station, there are various options when it comes to the weight type. Here you can choose between the plug-in weight, the weight plates or your own body weight. The plug-in weight is moved by a cable. Due to the guided movements, mistakes and injuries can be avoided better than when training with free weights. In addition, there are power stations that allow you to perform several exercises or focus on individual training forms and muscle groups.
The multistation is very popular, as it combines several different training devices. For example, the multifunctional weight station has the training options chest press, butterfly, latissimus pull and many other exercises. By buying such a strength station, you usually no longer need to visit the gym, but simply train from home.
In addition to the multifunctional station, there are also weight stations that focus on one muscle group. These include, for example, the leg press, the back trainer or the chest press. It is important to note the maximum weight of the strength equipment and the increments of the weights in order to find the right equipment for your strength training.
Are you more the type who likes to train with your own body weight? In this case, the dip stations or the back and abdominal trainer are recommended.
No matter what type of training you choose, you'll find a wide selection of power stations at Galaxus. Among the renowned brands such as Bowflex, Finnlo by Hammer, Tunturi or Gorilla Sports you will surely find a suitable training device for you.