Best Bowflex products in the Cross trainers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Bowflex products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Bowflex M9

The perfect training partner for maximizing your workout.

2. Bowflex Max Total 40

The Max Total 40 (100958) from Bowflex have been inspiring fitness enthusiasts in gyms and at home for years. The clever mix of stepper and cross trainer, the unique and almost recoilless full body movement and the intensive HIIT training make the Bowflex Max trainers unique. The Bowflex Max Total 40 is the top model in the series and offers the most comprehensive total package in terms of quality, effectiveness, connectivity and training fun. Effective HIIT training, at home on the Bowflex Max Trainer, improves endurance, increases performance and is a real fat burner! The Bowflex Max Total 40 Trainer combines the advantages of a stepper and a cross trainer. The main difference between a stepper and a crosstrainer is the motion sequence. When exercising on a cross trainer, the movement describes an elliptical shape and comes close to walking or jogging. The motion sequence on a stepper, on the other hand, is similar to climbing stairs. The cross trainer's handles engage the arms, shoulders and upper back during the workout. While on the stepper, these muscles are largely left out. Training on a stepper intensively trains the leg and buttock muscles. The Bowflex Max Trainer 40 combines this and makes training on the Max Total Trainer an effective full-body HIIT workout (high intensity interval training). The workout becomes multimedia and individual thanks to the JRNY display with 16-inch touchscreen. Probably the most important training feature of the JRNY Display with Samsung touchscreen is Guided Coaching. The JRNY app supports Guided Coaching with great workout trainer videos and the training analysis. This way, workouts are always offered that match the current fitness level. Professional coaches guide you through the workouts. The display is in English and cannot be adapted to other languages. The JRNY app enables a virtual workout with countless tracks. With Explore the World access, a new track can be explored every day. The power thereby controls the speed of the video. For entertainment, the favorite show or movie can be streamed via Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ or Netflix. While streaming, the workout data is displayed on the screen - so no information is lost. The Bowflex Max Total 40 is different not only because of its display and the training options it offers, but also because of improvements in the movement process. The Bowflex Max Total 40's movable arm bars offer six training positions, unlike the other Max Trainer models. With the third arm bars pulled inwards, there are even more possibilities to train the upper body optimally. The inner hand position especially strengthens your arms and chest muscles. The upper body training is thus even more effective and varied. In addition to the improvement of the upper body training, the leg movement of the Bowflex Max Total 40 has also been optimized. The double rail system of the Max Total Trainer provides even more safety and makes the leg movement more even and smoother. This means that even long and enduring workouts can be enjoyed on the Bowflex Max Total 40. The Bowflex Max Total 40 is also a very compact piece of exercise equipment. Set up, the mix of stepper and cross trainer requires less than 1m² of space (125.2 x 78.2 cm). With the help of the built-in transport wheels, the Bowflex Max Total 40 can be quickly made available for the workout and just as quickly stowed away again after it. The maximum user weight is 136 kg. 

3. Bowflex Max Trainer M3

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 (100942) is not an everyday piece of fitness equipment. The M3 is the entry-level class in the world of Bowflex's unique fitness equipment: the "Max Trainer Family". The strength of the Bowflex Max Trainer - maximum calories burned in a short period of time - is achieved through combined movement. The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 has the leg movement of a professional stepper and additionally uses the arm movement like a cross trainer. However, you lean a little further forward, so that the Bowflex Max Trainer also challenges the abdominal muscles. You will feel how effectively you burn calories with the Max Trainer M3 by the burning in your legs yourself, because the high-intensity interval training with the Max Trainer is exhausting. Depending on the intensity of the exerciser, the resistance is controlled by a magnetic brake, and for the short intense intervals, the workout is also braked by an air resistance system. This way, incredibly rigorous workouts can be completed. Another advantage of a Max trainer is its small size. The device is about the same size as a bicycle ergometer, but at the same time it is a full-body workout device like a cross trainer, where the arms and torso are also included in the workout. The M3 is manually controlled, and the simple display motivates you to perform at your best. The maximum weight load is 136 kg. 

4. Bowflex Max Trainer M6

Bowflex Crosstrainer Bowflex Max Trainer M6.