Floor guards

Protective mats have many useful effects that make your workout at home or in the gym more pleasant. Floor protection mats prevent holes and scratches in the floor, which can be caused by fitness equipment. The mats protect your floor from damage and their dampening function protects training partners or neighbors from training noise.
Floor protection mats are available in different colors and sizes. In addition, the thickness of the protective mats still plays an important role. The thicker the mat, the higher the protection from damage or loud noises.
You can choose between a single mat, a mat set or the protective mats in puzzle form. A single mat is suitable, for example, for a spinning bike or other large fitness equipment. A set is recommended if you have several pieces of equipment and want to separate them. If you have a larger free area and want to build your own home gym, the puzzle shape is the right choice. With the puzzle shape you can expand your floor protection as you wish and simply add additional elements using the circumferential interlocking.
Galaxus offers different types of mats and has a large selection of renowned brand such as Kettler, Gorilla Sports or Finnlo by Hammer. No matter what you choose, please pay attention to the format of your mat so that you can safely place your equipment on the mat.