Cross trainers

The crosstrainer is the ideal fitness equipment for your own four walls. It enables you to do an efficient endurance training to improve your fitness. Compared to a conventional spinning bike or home trainer, which mainly trains the leg muscles, the crosstrainer promotes arms and legs at the same time due to its "crosswise" movement. Therefore, the crosstrainer is the perfect total body workout. You not only improve your endurance, but also burn fat, increase your performance, become fitter and feel full after the workout. Therefore, the crosstrainer has become one of the most popular cardio machines worldwide.

An advantage of crosstrainers is the guided motion sequence which allows a joint-gentle and gentle workout. Thus the machine is interesting for every age group. Exercising on a crosstrainer is also an advantage over traditional jogging, as the joints are exposed to regular jolts and a high load when running. The simultaneous movement of the arms, legs, hips and shoulders imitates the movement of jogging without wearing out your joints. Crosstrainers (more rarely elliptical trainers) are fitness machines that simulate the natural movement of walking, running or running, and more rarely climbing stairs.

The basic motion sequence of a crosstrainer is identical to that of an elliptical trainer. The elliptical trainer is a subgroup of the crosstrainer in which the flywheel is mounted at the front instead of the back, unlike the other crosstrainers. As a result, the up and down movements of the elliptical trainer are less intensive and are similar to the movements of Nordic Walking.

At Galaxus you will surely find the right crosstrainer for your fitness level among the top brands Bowflex, Horizon, Maxxus or Hammer. When buying a crosstrainer, you should pay attention to the suitable stride length and the necessary freedom of movement. Furthermore, a small step plate distance provides good ergonomics. Your feet should be spaced hip-wide so that you can do a healthy cardio workout. The flywheel mass ensures a pleasant smooth run before the brake system brings the flywheel to a halt. The higher the weight of the flywheel mass, the smoother the movements. A flywheel mass of 16 kg or more is recommended. If you want to further perfect your training, choose a device with heart rate measurement, which is usually measured by hand pulse sensors, an ear clip or chest strap. Some crosstrainers have further exciting functions such as an entertainment program or setting options which further individualize your training.