Skateboard trucks

When buying axles, there are a few things you should pay attention to. The axle is often referred to as the "truck", which affects the handling characteristics of your board. The hanger, to which the rollers are attached, is responsible for the mobility of the board. Axles are screwed to the board and must therefore always be purchased in coordination with the appropriate board. Attention. Here is to pay particular attention to the width of the axle and the skateboard. In addition, the axle height plays an important role. The height determines the driving behavior. The height must be matched to the body weight, rider level and height. There are "Low axles", which touch the asphalt faster, but are safer and more stable. "Mid axles" form the middle level and with the "High axles" you are with 53.5 - 58 mm furthest with the board from the ground. The higher the axle, the heavier the axle and more unstable the ride. You can use this to your advantage for stunts and tricks. At Galaxus you can find all common axle heights. Among the brands Ace, Independent, Silver or Krux you will surely find the right choice.