You don't know which skateboard suits you yet? Here you will find a large selection of skateboards for children and adults from renowned brands like Razor, Santa Cruz Maxboard or Dusters. But skateboard is not the same as skateboard: there are differences in quality and components. Before you buy a skateboard, you should be clear about the intended use and your riding style. A skateboard consists of four main elements: deck, axles (trucks), wheels and ball bearings. This is where the different boards and styles differ.

With the classic skateboard you ride in the skatepark as well as on the street. There is a kicktail at nose and tail. The kicktail allows the skater to ride normally or to try out jumps and tricks in the skatepark. The so-called flips and grabs are more for the advanced riders.

Another type of skateboard is the cruiserboard, which is made for cruising through the city. It has a wider deck with only one kicktail and is especially suitable for cruising from A to B. The boards are especially agile and versatile.

Longboards are especially recommended for long distances downhill and straight ahead. They usually have a symmetrical shape with a low centre of gravity. Because these boards have a special cut-out in the board, so called cut-outs, you can also mount bigger wheels. Jumps are less recommended with the skateboard. Here, turning is much more fun.