Skateboard wheels

Skateboarding enthusiasts understand that skateboard wheels are pivotal elements of the skating experience, influencing speed, control, and overall ride feel. Crafted from high-quality urethane, skateboard wheels come in a range of sizes, shapes, and hardness levels, each catering to different styles of skating. For street skating, smaller and harder wheels are favored for their responsiveness and control, whereas larger, softer wheels offer a smoother ride for cruising and are well-suited to absorbing the impact from tricks on vert ramps and bowls.

Powell Peralta lights up the market with options like the M34518, which provide a balance of grip and durability for versatile skateboarding. Orangatang's Wheels Caguama 85mm 2022 are perfect for longboarders seeking speed and smooth commutes. Hawgs, with its M29043 model, offers riders dependable wheels for diverse surfaces. For toughness and precision, skaters often gravitate toward Spitfire's 99D Formula Four Lock-Ins, which excel in demanding street environments. Lastly, Bones Wheels showcases its 97A XF X-Ninety-Seven V5 Sidecut wheels, suitable for those who require tight turns and lightening fast maneuvers. Each brand innovates to meet the dynamic needs of skaters, often utilizing proprietary technologies to enhance performance and wheel longevity.