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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Thunder M38639

2. Tensor 5.75 Mag Light

Only 1 single axis available.

3. Ace AF-1 33 Set

The all-new ACE AF1 offers breakthrough performance without deviating from the original Ace geometry. The AF1 is carefully crafted using our proprietary casting process. After years of development, the structural integrity of the aluminum has been increased by 70%, making the ACE AF1 the strongest cast axle on the market. The sizing of models 44 to 77 has been updated for a better fit across multiple board widths.

The Ace AF1, the technology of tomorrow today!

- Axle width: 8" (203mm)

- Hanger width: 5.4" (137mm)

- Carriage Height: 2.1" (53mm)

- Fits Boards: 7.75" - 8.125"

- Weight: 13.5 oz (382g)

- Made from high quality AA 356.2 alloy with our own proprietary casting technique.

- Genuine T6 heat treated baseplates and hangers.

- SAE 4140 steel alloy axle pins, oversized to eliminate ball bearing flutter.

- Patent pending axle nuts for re-cutting - no more damaged axle ends!

- Durable, hand-cast 96a urethane pivot bushings for better handling.

- Refined suspension for a clean turn.

- Top Bushing: 12mm high | 91a hardness.

- Bottom Bushing: Bottom 14mm high | 86a hardness

- Machined hanger ends for precise bearing contact.

4. Venture M36177

5. Thunder 147 Hollow Lights Metallic Scirpt

6. Venture 5.0" HI

7. Independent 149 Standard Slayer Set

Durable all purpose truck for any type of skateboarding. 55mm tall 356 Aluminum Hanger & Baseplate Solid 4140 Chromoly Steel Axle Grade 8 Kingpin.

8. Thunder 147 HI Polished

9. Independent M33897

Loyal Pawns Under the command of the consumer control center of the Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company will obey their benevolent corporate overlord and succumb to this INDY x Toy Machine collaboration immediately if not sooner. Your wallets have no control over our iron grip on your easily controlled minds. Limited Edition Independent Trucks x Toy Machine Stage 11 Standard trucks featuring polished silver hanger and baseplate with Toy Machine pad print, red cushions, and silver hardware. Durable all purpose truck for any type of skateboarding. 55mm tall for optimal performance and wheel clearance with wheels 56mm and under. A356 T6 Aluminum Hanger & Baseplate The best lightweight aluminum alloy heat treated to T6 condition for strength, durability, and grind feel. SCM435 Chromoly Steel Axle Highest quality and durability available. Grade 8 Kingpin Never break, never bend. 

10. Silver 7.75" M-Class Hollow Set


New M-Hollows feature custom light weight, durable, hollow kingpins. Enjoy all of the assets of the M-Class trucks including strong construction,
optimum turning ability, overall quality, stability and smoothness with a new light weight kingpin design.