Skateboard decks

Skateboard decks are the flat boards on which riders stand, and they are the foundation of any custom skateboard setup. They are designed to provide a stable platform and the durability needed for a range of skateboarding styles, from street skating to vert ramps and everything in between. Enthusiasts often select skateboard decks based on their favorite designs, preferred size and shape, or the pro rider associated with the board. These decks cater to various skill levels, whether it's someone just starting out or a seasoned skater looking to replace or upgrade their current deck for better performance and tricks.

The online shop offers skateboard decks from respected and sought-after brands such as Powell Peralta, with their popular deck model M32565 captivating riders with its robust construction and iconic graphics. Santa Cruz also graces the catalog, bringing their unique Wave Dot Cut Back Surf Skate Carver CX to riders who love both the aesthetic and ride quality of their decks. For those who seek a twist on traditional skateboarding, Ambition Snowskates provides deck model M34305, perfect for tackling snowy hills and parks. Surf-skate enthusiasts will appreciate YOW’s Aritz Aranburu Surfskate for its responsive cruising experience. Carver continues to impress with its Surfskate series, allowing skateboarders to emulate surfing maneuvers on concrete waves. Elevate your skateboarding experience by choosing a deck that reflects your style and skill from our premium selection.