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    Three weeks on the beach instead of at the gym spent indulging in treats: what summer vacation did to my body

    by Patrick Bardelli

Inflatable boat

Our large range of inflatable boats for adults and children features brands such as Intex and Bestway and is sure to offer the right rubber dinghy for everyone.

An inflatable boat is a boat constructed with its sides and bow made of flexible tubes containing air. It's an important part of water sports, either as an inflatable boat for children or as a dinghy for sailing and motor yachts. An inflatable boat is made of either plastic film, plasticised PVC, rubberised fabric (e.g. Hypalon) or synthetic rubber (e.g. PU). Rubber dinghies are inflated with air and can be deflated for transport or storage. Inflatable boats with a solid hull are designed as a proper motor boat. The air chambers of inflatable boats create an excellent buoyancy system, which allows for safe sailing on inflatable yachts. Inflatable boats are popular for fun excursions as well as nautical activities. Whether it's on an expedition, with the Navy or with Greenpeace – inflatable boats are an indispensable aid in many areas.