Beach games

Sun, beach and water - these are the ideal conditions for beach games. It doesn't always take these circumstances to play beach games. You can also play them in the garden, in the park, in the outdoor pool or on a course. The beach games focus on fun and simple movement. Suitable for those who don't want to lie in a deck chair all day long.
In recent years the throwing game Kubb has become popular. A longer tradition has the Boccia known in Italy or as the French call it Boule. Beachball is often played on the beach. Not only on the beach but also in the park or garden you can see frisbee, boomerang, croquet, bowling or bowling.
Under beach games you will also find soap bubbles in different colours, shapes and sizes, as well as shooter in pistol shape. Diving games are popular in the water: sinking seahorses, stars, shells or coloured rings for which you can dive.
Our assortment of beach games is large and offers games of the following brands: Kubb, Turtle, Hudora, Pustefix, Brändi, Small Foot and others.

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NoName - Outdoor Kubb

Philos - Kubb

Hudora - Boules set

Tactic - Mölkky

Schildkröt - Diving kit

Outdoor Active - Jumbo racket set

Tactic - Kubb Original Wodden Case

Schildkröt - Street Racquet Set

Pustefix - Refill canister

Brändi - Kubb Master Gold

Frisbee - Light Show

Philos - The Kubb Game

Schildkröt - Klettball-Set

Adriatic - Fischernetz

beluga - Croquet set on the net