Kayaks and canoes were made thousands of years ago. The boat forms were carved out of a large piece of wood - so-called dugout boats. Today the canoes are also available as a modern inflatable model. The inflatable boats are very easy to transport, have a low weight and guarantee an uncomplicated and fast assembly. Whether alone, as a couple or even as a group of four for the whole family - there are almost no limits to paddling fun. With an open canoe or a closed kayak, camping trips can also be a unique experience.

Kayaks are steered with a double paddle and are mostly closed so that as little water as possible gets into the boat. A closed kayak boat is ideal for fast and wild waters. Compared to the kayak the canoe is more stable and easier to ride. Canoes are also the classic paddle boats for one or more persons and are steered with a paddle. Canoes are open and offer a lot of freedom and storage space.