Climbing helmets

A good climbing helmet is an absolute must on any climbing tour. Be it a rock fall, fall or even falling equipment of the leader. The right helmet provides the necessary protection and prevents accidents. Climbing helmets are available in three different designs. So-called hard-shell helmets consist of a robust outer shell in combination with soft, shock-absorbing inner material. They are resistant, but thus somewhat heavier than foam shell helmets. The latter, as the name suggests, are made of high-quality foam that deforms upon impact. Hybrid shell climbing helmets combine the best of both worlds. This type of helmet again uses the foam for cushioning. Unlike classic foam shell helmets, however, this one is additionally encased in a thin outer shell. Normally, the manufacturer specifies how long a climbing helmet should be in use. After a fall or rockfall, however, the helmet should be replaced immediately, regardless of the specified service life.