Coffee machine accessories

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Coffee machine accessories

At Galaxus you'll find accessories and care kits for all types of coffee machines. For the preparation of good coffee, coffee maker and beans are not enough. You also need the right accessories for the coffee maker and a water filter and descaler so that the quality of the coffee is not affected by limescale and dirt.

For the care and cleaning of your coffee machine, you can find descalers and care sets from various manufacturers such as Philips, Saeco, De'Longhi or Siemens. Since our drinking water contains lime, coffee machines are prone to lime deposits. These have a negative effect on the coffee quality and also reduce the life of your coffee machine. Regular descaling is highly recommended to ensure that the machine produces good coffee over longer periods of time. For fully automatic coffee machines and sieve filter machines, there are suitable water filters that can be installed in the machine to prevent limescale deposits.

For portafilter machines, a tapping tray and drawer and a tamper are needed in addition to a coffee grinder. After the coffee has been ground into the portafilter, the tamper must be used to press the coffee completely smooth before the portafilter is hooked into the machine. After the coffee has been prepared, the wet coffee grounds must be removed from the portafilter. Since the grounds are firmly seated in the portafilter, a tapping bowl helps. The portafilter is tapped out by the bowl so that the wet and solid coffee grounds come off the portafilter in one fell swoop. Matching coffee filters are available in different sizes for filter coffee machines.

For capsule machines, capsule dispensers can be ordered as matching accessories. We also offer a wide range of spare parts and seals for both coffee machines and smaller coffee makers such as Bialetti espresso pots.