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    Buying guide air purifier: Against pollen and dust

    by Simon Balissat

Water filter

Water filters improve the quality of the water. With the help of filter cartridges, particles such as turbidity or microorganisms or undesirable substances dissolved in the water are removed or at least their concentration is reduced. They also filter taste-disturbing substances and heavy metals out of the drinking water. This not only ensures good-tasting drinking water, but also the longevity of household appliances by decalcifying the tap water.
A distinction is made between different types of water filters.

Table water filters or water filter carafes are used to turn tap water at home into fresh, tasty drinking water. You can find table water filters in different designs, sizes and filling volumes. Well-known brands that we carry in our range are Brita and BWT.

Whether your water source is a river, a lake or a well, with a water bottle or an outdoor water filter you can turn potentially impure water into drinkable water. This saves you the hassle of lugging around a water bottle and you can drink the water fresh at any time.

The most common variant is the faucet or fixed installation. This is a unit that is attached directly to the washbasin or wall. There are also filters that are fixed directly to the tap or to the pipes.