Raised garden beds

You like gardening a lot, but are tired of bending down to work in a squatting position or on your knees? Then we have a great alternative for you: the raised bed.

The raised bed is a variant of the classic
(ground level) bed or, depending on the filling, a variant of the raised bed in a layered structure. Raised beds are garden beds that are not laid out at ground level, but rise above the usual bed level. It is particularly common in near-natural horticulture.

A raised bed offers many advantages: Not only is it easy on the back due to a comfortable working height, it also allows a much earlier growing and a longer harvesting time due to the better warming of the bed. Since the main seed flight takes place on the ground, very few weeds are formed and snails are also kept away. In addition, the rotting of the organic components produces valuable, nutrient-rich humus, so that additional fertilizers are largely unnecessary and much faster growth is guaranteed. The raised bed can also be used as a cold frame by adding a cover.

At Galaxus, raised beds consist of wood, plastic, metal or textile.
In our assortment we have a selection of raised beds from different brands and manufacturers such as VegTrug, Urban Gardening, Elho, GrowCamp and various others.

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