Plants bring a fresh atmosphere to your apartment, garden or balcony. Each plant has a matching pot, which you can find in our online shop. Whether flower pot, balcony box, pot, planting box or hanging basket made of plastic, stone, ceramic, wood or Eternit - order the right pot for your plant online now.

Before you buy a new flowerpot, determine which plant will fit in it and where the planter will be placed. The size of the pot is determined by the size of the plant, but also how the roots of the plants grow. If the pot is used outdoors, whether in the garden or on the balcony, it should be made of durable, frost-resistant material. For those without green thumbs or for those who travel a lot and still don't want to do without lush green in their own four walls, there are intelligent flower pots with integrated irrigation systems such as those from Lechuza or Click and Grow. Our range includes products from Boomingville, Menu, Interstil Interior, Broste Copenhagen, ferm Living, house doctor, Skagerak Denmark and many more.

In addition to the variety of materials and shapes, you can also filter the desired application area: we have the right offer whether for outdoor or indoor. Especially for indoor use, you can easily choose between containers for growing herbs, decorative table pots or pots for orchids in particular. You can find suitable coasters, pot rollers and box holders with the help of the filter Planter accessory type.

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