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The right pot for every plant. The right flower pot is crucial for your plants. Not only for thriving, but also as a visual eye-catcher and decoration. Because with the plant pots you can give both in your home and in the garden or the terrace a visual splendor. At Galaxus you can buy online your desired flower pot.

Between our flower pots you will find many different products. If you want to plant your plant directly in a pot, you must make sure that it is perforated. This will allow excess water to drain directly and not accumulate in the pot. You can find such plant pots in many different designs and sizes. If your plant is already in a perforated plant pot or growing pot, you can also find visually appealing planters. With a planter you can play wonderfully with color and shapes and give your plant an additional decorative touch. In addition, many other planters are available with us, with which you can set your plant in scene. For example, you will also find a large assortment of planters, planter baskets or balcony boxes.

When buying a flower pot, it is essential to consider the size of the plant. Pots that are too small will leave too little room for the roots of the plant and it will not be able to thrive well. If the pot is used outdoors, whether garden or balcony, it should be made of durable frost-resistant material. You can filter the materials and the diameter of the planters and find your suitable flower pot. For those without a green thumb, there are also smart flower pots with integrated watering systems, such as those from Prêt à Pousser or Click and Grow. These electric flower pots with a growing function are particularly popular. So you can grow your own herbs right in the kitchen, without much effort.

In addition to the variety of materials and shapes, you can also filter the desired application: we have the right offer whether for outdoor or indoor. Especially for indoor use, you can easily choose between containers for growing herbs, decorative table pots or pots especially for orchids. You can find suitable coasters, pot rollers and box holders using the filter planter accessory type.


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