• Pia's Picks: arched lamps and furniture


    by Pia Seidel

Children's lamps

Children's lamps serve as both a functional and creative addition to a child's room. They provide the necessary illumination for activities such as reading, playing, and dressing, while also serving as a decorative element that can spark imagination and comfort. Parents and children alike value lighting solutions that aren’t just practical but also enhance the theme or aesthetic of a nursery or bedroom. With various designs from playful to calming, these lamps often become an integral part of bedtime routines and study sessions, offering a gentle and reassuring glow throughout the night or a bright light for concentration and creativity.

Lifetime Kidsrooms offers a delightful array of children's lamps, including popular shades that add personality and warmth to any child's space. They create the perfect ambiance while reflecting the zest and innocence of childhood. Another sought-after brand in this category, Niermann Stand By, captivates with their multicoloured, Made in Germany, Construction Site Ceiling Light. It provides a blend of vibrancy and functionality, turning the room into an engaging play space. For those seeking a unique and mesmerizing lighting effect, the classic Lava lamp remains a favorite and is available in various configurations, such as the Black/Green 40cm model from i-Total. These serve as a great accent piece, providing a calming visual experience. Lastly, Dalber brings adventure into nighttime with themed lamps like the Pendant light Dino, which is sure to be a hit for dinosaur enthusiasts, casting a prehistoric silhouette that can inspire dreams of a time when giant lizards roamed the Earth. With children's lamps, the fusion of design, color, and light can transform any child's room into a magical and personalized haven.