Floor lamps

A floor lamp or also called a stand lamp has a huge advantage: it does not depend on a single wall. You can change them at any time and adapt them to your needs. Whether for your sofa, your armchair or in your study or studio, a floor lamp creates the right ambience and is the perfect complement to the basic lighting. Unlike other lamps, it is mounted in no time at all and can be placed easily in the room. It deliberately stages what is dear to you and also serves as a reading lamp. Once you have decided on a place, you need to think about what kind of lighting your floor lamp should provide. A ceiling floodlight illuminates the ceiling, creating a pleasant, indirect light without glare. You can determine the brightness and range of each floor lamp with the lamp selection. We have floor lamps for light bulbs, energy-saving lamps or economical LEDs as well as models that can be dimmed in our shop. In the same way, you can use height-adjustable models to determine how close the lampshade should be to the target object. You are also spoilt for choice when it comes to appearance: we have the right one for every style of living, whether Nordic, romantic, bohemian, industrial, retro or vintage. The material ranges from umbrellas made of crystal glass, glass and fabric to legs made of metal, plastic and wood. The optics take over the main role, especially during the day. Floor lamps also make a good impression as an object and thus act as eye-catchers like art objects. You can be completely discreet with a filigree shape and a single shade or colourful and eye-catching with several adjustable lamps. Some of our floor lamps even resemble spotlights from a film set. Be inspired by our wide range of brands such as Philips, Vita, Artemide, Nordlux, Brilliant, Eglo or Kartell.