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A real jewel: «Bell Table» by ClassiCon

Owning a «Bell Table» is like dating a hottie: You can’t take your eyes off it and it looks pretty darn good in your four walls.

Some people just have that certain something – they attract compliments and flirts and can get away with just about anything. The «Bell Table» is the equivalent in the world of furniture. Cute as a button and with high-quality craftsmanship, it has «must have» written all over it and makes you feel like decorating it with fresh flowers and admiring it every day.

The elegant curving silhouette of a bell

I have rarely seen traditional glass art in such a modern design. What this is down to? The combination of glass and brass. While the materials themselves aren’t special – many design pieces in the past and present feature glass or brass elements – the way they're used and interpreted is new and unique. A solid brass top is put in contrast with a hand-blown glass base. The shape is contemporary and minimalistic. It reminds of a bell that has a soft ring to it. The colours of the glass are just as delicate: From light blue to sunny yellow, they spread a warm and friendly atmosphere. The table top is available in untreated, warm brass-gold or in a restrained, black-browned brass. Here’s a small insight into the production process of the «Bell Table»:

Today’s high flyer: Sebastian Herkner

Not many succeed in combining tradition and modernity. The German product designer Sebastian Herkner is an absolute pro when it comes to this skill. During his training with fashion designers such as Stella McCartney, he developed an in-depth understanding of colours, materials and structures. Currently, all major interior brands are competing to work with him. His latest products for Thonet, The Rug Company or Ames were exhibited at the Cologne furniture trade show at the beginning of the year.

Transparent glass allows light to enter and makes the table top appear weightless. Picture: ClassiCon

With his own studio, he's been creating interior and set design objects since 2006. The designs for the «Bell Table» and «Bell Light» were created in 2010 and produced by the manufacturer ClassiCon in 2012. These tables won the Red Dot Design Award and have enjoyed great popularity in private and public spaces ever since. They're a symbol for Herkner's design: He's not inspired by short-lived trends, but opts for reliable materials and traditional craftsmanship – a combination that results in sustainable products.

A masterwork of traditional craftsmanship

Great as a side table or coffee table – especially in a cosy reading or relaxing corner. Picture: ClassiCon

Follow me to get my next article and check out the full ClassiCon range here.

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