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Comic is the common term for the representation of a process or a story in a sequence of images. Usually the images are drawn and are combined with text; in the comic medium, literature and Visual Arts, with the comic as an independent art form and a corresponding research field overlap. The French literary scholar Francis Lacassin filed the comic as the \"ninth art\" in the Canon of the arts in 1971. 

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Panini - Mein erster Comic: Spider-Man (Paul Tobin)

Panini - Pokémon 01. Schwarz und Weiss (Hidenori Kusaka)

Panini - Wonder Woman Anthologie

Panini - Batman Deluxe: Joker (Brian Azzarello)

Panini - Batman Adventures (Dan Slott)

Panini - Batman Eternal 01 (Scott Snyder)

Panini - Wonder Woman (Greg Rucka)

Panini - Batgirl 06

Panini - Wonder Woman - Göttin des Krieges (David Finch)

Panini - Batgirl 05. Jagd auf Batgirl (Gail Simone)

Panini - Captain America: Weiss (Jeph Loeb)

Panini - Batgirl 02. Knightfalls Rache (Gail Simone)

Panini - Wonder Woman/Batman: Hiketeia (Greg Rucka)

Panini - Watchmen (Alan Moore)

Panini - Der Tod von Superman 03. Die Herrschaft der Supermen (Dan Jurgens)