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    The TCS recommends 19 out of 20 child seats tested .

    by Patrick Vogt

Child car seat

Finding the right child seat is not easy. Two standards developed for child seats serve as a guide. The selection of the child seat is done differently depending on the standard. In the older standard, ECE R44, the child seat is selected according to the weight of the child. The child seats are divided into three groups. In the newer standard, ECE R129, the child seat is selected according to the child's height, whereby the division into groups is omitted. To make your search easier, we have grouped the child seats of both standards under the filter child group and assigned them to the groups according to ECE R44. Group 0+ is therefore suitable for babies from 0-13 kg or a maximum height of 85 cm. Group 1 is ideal for children between 9-18 kg or a body height between 80-105 cm. Group 2+3 is suitable for children between 15-36 kg or a body height of 100-150 cm. As soon as the child's head outgrows the child seat, it is necessary to change to the next larger group.

In addition to the standards described above, you can also select your child seat according to other criteria. There are other filters available for this purpose. With the filter child seat type, you can choose between infant carriers, classic child seats, reboarders or simple booster seats. You can narrow down the type of fastening, whether by vehicle belt, Isofix or Top Tether, with the fastening option filter. You can determine whether your child should drive forwards, backwards or in both directions using the Positioning filter.