Baby lambskins are temperature equalising - in winter they give warmth, in summer they have a cooling effect. Lambskins never feel cold and absorb perspiration immediately, releasing it into the air 7 times faster than synthetic materials. They are available as a warming support or underlay, as an inlay for the pram or simply as a cuddly fur that you can use as a play mat or crawling blanket and simply lay on the floor. Brands such as Kaiser, Odenwälder, Zewi and fillikid offer you high-quality lambskins that have been tanned with low levels of harmful substances.

In order to care for the baby lambskin, you should wash it with a lambskin detergent according to the instructions and brush if necessary. According to manufacturers, medical lambskins and all natural skins have a high self-cleaning power in the fresh air. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Warning: Baby lambskins are not suitable as a sleeping pad for babies up to twelve months of age. Experts believe that it can be bad for babies to breathe into their fur in the prone position and then breathe in their own stale air again.