Internal power cables (PC)

Internal power cables supply the installed components inside the PC with power, so that their functioning can be guaranteed at all. These cables pass the power from the power supply unit to the components and, if the power supply unit were the heart of the PC, form the wires of the computer.

At digitec you will find power cables from Aqua Computer, Aquatuning, be quiet!, BitFenix, Delock, EKL, equip, EVGA, GELID, Hama, InLine, PHOBYA, Roline, StarTech, Supermicro and others.

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Delock - Power SATA Stromanschlussadapter

Delock - Molex zu SATA Stromanschlusskabel

Delock - Stromkabel 6Pin

InLine - SATA Strom-Y-Kabel

Delock - 6Pin auf 2x 8Pin oder 2x 6Pin Stromadapter

Delock - Dual PCI-E Adapter

Delock - SATA Power Stromadapter

Roline - SATA Stromverlängerung

PHOBYA - Y-Kabel

Delock - SATA Stromverlängerungskabel

Delock - Power adapter

EKWB - EK-Cable Y-Weiche für 4x 4-Pin-PWM-Lüfter

Delock - Kabel Stromversorgung 4Pol auf 8Pol Mini

Roline - Serial-ATA Power Y-Adapter

- xCab SATA 4Pin Molex Power Adapter