Power cables

In the realm of electronics and appliances, power cables are an indispensable component, serving as the vital link that delivers electricity to keep devices operating smoothly. Customers browsing our online shop can find a diverse selection of power cables, each catering to different needs based on various appliances and requirements. Whether in need of a standard mains cable for office equipment or a specific connector type for a piece of high-end hardware, the assortment includes products like the traditional Swiss T12 to C13 cables, as well as specialized options like the notebook power cable from leading brands such as Max Hauri, Roline, and Furber.

When selecting the ideal power cable, there are key properties customers should consider to ensure compatibility and satisfaction. Cable colour might be crucial for those who prefer a clean, coordinated look in their setup, with white being a popular choice for its neutral and clean aesthetic. The length of the cable is another paramount factor; a typical value like 30cm might be perfect for close-range connections, while longer cables can provide more flexibility and reach for setups where outlets are not within immediate proximity.

To streamline the shopping process, customers can filter their search based on these attributes. Selecting the correct cable length avoids excess wires cluttering your space or coming up short when connecting your device. Choosing the right colour can keep your electronics area visually appealing, especially in environments where aesthetics are as important as functionality.

Our curated selection includes top brands known for their quality and reliability. For instance, our assortment features the widely used mains cable from Max Hauri, recognized for its sturdy design and safety compliance. Value offers a basic yet dependable power cable that efficiently connects devices with Swiss T12 to C13 compatibility. Roline's notebook power cables ensure your mobile computing devices stay charged, seamlessly integrating with the Swiss T12 to C5 standard. Finally, Furber's range meets a variety of demands with connectors like the T13 to C14, which are essential for particular connections within professional or data center environments.

In sum, whether for personal or professional use, customers can rely on our extensive selection of power cables to find the perfect match for their electronic devices, ensuring a safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing power solution.