Internal cables (PC)

When building or upgrading a personal computer, internal cables become the unsung heroes of your system's infrastructure. Within our online shop, customers can explore a range of internal cables designed to connect and power the various components inside a PC. Our selection includes everything from power SATA adapters and extension kits to specialized cables like the 12VHPWR. You'll find top-notch brands such as Goobay, Delock, CableMod, be quiet!, and Corsair, with their best-selling products like the Electric dust blower, Power SATA power connection adapter, PRO Extension Kit, 12VHPWR, and PSU Cables Pro-Kit, respectively.

Understanding the right type of internal cable for your PC is paramount for ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. As you refine your search for the ideal cable solution, consider factors such as length, connector type, and cable gauge. For instance, the length should be sufficient to reach between components without excess slack, which could hinder airflow or create a messy appearance. Connector types vary, so it's crucial to match them with corresponding motherboard and component ports – whether it's a 24-pin ATX power cable, an 8-pin EPS cable, or a SATA data cable. Cable gauge, measured in American Wire Gauge (AWG), indicates the thickness of cables and thus their capacity to carry current; a lower number means a thicker cable and allows for higher current flow.

Enhance your search by filtering products based on these key features. Furthermore, if aesthetics are important to you, consider cable sleeving and color options that can add a custom touch to your rig. For those seeking advanced cable management, sleeved and modular cables from brands like CableMod and Corsair might offer the premium design and flexibility you desire.

Brands such as be quiet! are recognized for their commitment to silent operation, making their products like the 12VHPWR cable ideal for builders focused on creating quiet workstations. With this extensive variety of internal cables and reliable brands, our online shop is poised to meet the needs of both novice and experienced PC builders.