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Video cables

Discover an extensive selection of video cables that will connect your devices with clarity and high-quality performance. Our online shop caters to your every connection need with a variety of video cable types, such as USB, VGA, DVI, USB-C, Thunderbolt, HDMI, DisplayPort, SCART, and Cinch. Each cable is designed to fulfill specific video output requirements, ensuring that whether you are setting up a home theater system or configuring multiple monitors, you have the right tools at your fingertips.

Within the realm of video cables, there is a world of subtypes, each with its own unique features tailored to different technological needs. USB video cables, for example, are ideal for devices that support digital video over USB interface, while VGA cables remain essential for analog video signals common in older monitors and projectors. DVI cables bridge the gap between older and newer technology by transmitting digital signals without compromising signal quality. For modern devices boasting compact ports, USB-C video cables and Thunderbolt video cables offer exceptional bandwidth for data and video transfer. HDMI cables, known for their universal application across modern devices, support high-definition audio and video, whereas DisplayPort cables rival with their capability to daisy-chain multiple monitors. For those with specific legacy or regional systems, SCART and Cinch cables provide reliable connections.

When searching for the ideal video cable, customers should consider several important properties to ensure compatibility and performance. Connection types, clearly labeled as 'Connection A' and 'Connection B,' are crucial to match with the respective ports on your devices. Cable versions, such as HDMI 2.1, signify the technology's capabilities like increased bandwidth and support for higher video resolutions. Speaking of which, the 'Max. video resolution standard' property will highlight whether your cable supports up to 4K resolution or even higher. Consider the 'Segment' to determine whether the cable aligns with professional-grade requirements or casual consumer use. Lastly, the 'Length' of the cable is definitive for setup flexibility and convenience.

Top brands such as digitec, Delock, Sonero, Primewire, and Value offer the most sought-after video cables in the market each delivering quality and reliability for various uses. The HDMI-HDMI 2.0 from digitec is a crowd favorite for their superb video and audio transmission, while Primewire stands out with their high-end HDMI 2.1 cables that cater to the latest 8K resolution at fast refresh rates, ideal for cutting-edge home cinema setups.

Customers can use these properties to filter through our extensive inventory to find the perfect video cable that suits their requirements. Seek a video cable that interfaces seamlessly with your display technology, supports the necessary resolution, and fits your designated cable run length. Whether you are enhancing your entertainment system or optimizing your workspace, the right video cable awaits you in our shop, ready to deliver crisp, clear visuals. Our customer service team is readily available to help you navigate through your options and find the video cable that meets all your connection needs.