Behind the scenes

Without them, we’d have a standstill – meet our logistics heroes

David Kübler
Zurich, on 22.12.2020
Translation: Veronica Bielawski
Every day, our crew handles an enormous volume of parcels in the Digitec Galaxus warehouses in Wohlen, Dintikon and Roggwil. It’s high time we put a face to the logistics squad. So, off to Wohlen we go! Check out the video to see the highlights of our trip.

Video producer Armin Tobler and I travelled to the land of logistics in search of exciting stories to tell. Along the way, we met former kebab salesman Ali, party gal Maria, and many more heart-warming individuals. Three cheers for our logistics team!

Which department should we take a closer look at next? Thanks for letting us know in the comments.

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David Kübler
David Kübler
Communications Manager, Zurich
I'm a communicator and songwriter with a passion for good food, lovely people, adventure and activities involving mountains and water.

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