Twinning: twice as nice?
Twinning: twice as nice?

Twinning: twice as nice?

Vanessa Kim
Zurich, on 28.03.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
Every time I see friends or couples dressed in partner look, I’m embarrassed. Could you please stop it!

At last year’s Fashion Week, we literally saw double. Not because we enjoyed one or two glasses of Cosmopolitan too many, but because of the fashion trend called «Twinning». Twinning means wearing matching outfits. Bloggers dress themselves and their BFFs up in exactly the same way, making them look like twins. The perfect motif for street-style photographers to take stylish snapshots. I’m not a fan. In my opinion, this partner look has «trying too hard» written all over it instead if appearing spontaneous. A fashion no go.

Admittedly, I haven't always been anti twinning. The opposite, in fact. My best friend and I had the same Minnie Mouse outfit in primary school: a T-shirt and leggings with Vichy pattern. It goes without saying that we didn’t wear the same colour. My outfit was light blue, hers was pink. An important detail, which I – as it seems – thought to be very important, the pinnacle of twin looks, at that time.

Picture: @milenalesecret
Picture: @milenalesecret
Picture: @thora_valdimars
Picture: @thora_valdimars

After this, there was no more double trouble: the older I got, the more embarrassing partner looks seemed to me. That's probably why I don't like people buying things they saw on me. It's especially annoying when I run into the copy cat time and time again in the office.
Because my teammate Caro isn’t a fan of winning fan either and we happen to have the same blouse, we posed together for this article’s header image. Walking from the toilet to the close-by shooting location in matching clothes felt as awkward to her as it did to me.
## Yes to love; no to twinning Alright, I’ll make an exception for toddlers who’re dressed like their parents. Even for primary school pupils. But after sixth grade, there’s no excuse for dressing up as twins. Not to mention adults. I find couples wearing matching outfits especially cringe-worthy. Wearing the same outfit in different colours isn’t any better than wearing exactly the same outfit. Sure, they're madly in love and want the world to know, but isn’t it enough for the two of them to know this? No need to shout it from the rooftops. When I see lovers in partner look, it inevitably makes me think of all those fake Instagram couples that appear so happy but spend all their time together trying to stage that perfect shot and contemplating how to get even more Likes. This too has «trying too hard» written all over it. In capital letters.

That's why my favourite and only twinning moment is when my best friend and I drink a toast to our friendship with a glass of Cosmopolitan.


What's your opinion on matching outfits?

  • People even think my BFF and I are twins
  • Take two or take none
  • An absolute no go
  • I've had too many drinks...

The competition has ended.

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