Ready for your next DIY project? How to equip your home workshop
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Ready for your next DIY project? How to equip your home workshop

Ramon Schneider
Zurich, on 02.10.2017
Translation: Eva Francis
Get your home workshop ready with everything you need for your next project. You’re a DIYer, a tinkerer or a professional craftsperson? We’re sure to have everything you need.


Are you planning to set up a workshop or are you reorganising the one you have? Check out our range of workbenches, toolboxes and shelving – it’s important to get the basics right.

MOBILIO 3-elements work station (196cm)
Kraftwerk MOBILIO 3-elements work station (196cm)

Go to our full workshop organisation range.

Stationary machines

Whether for drilling, turning, milling, cutting or grinding, stationary machines are available in all shapes and sizes. We're sure to have what you're looking for, no matter how much space you have available or what you need for your projects.

Table saws
2-speed scroll saw DSH (205W)
Proxxon 2-speed scroll saw DSH (205W)
Drehmaschine PD 400
Proxxon Drehmaschine PD 400

Find more stationary machines here.

For DIY enthusiasts

You'll need a few tools even for small projects; installing a lamp or hanging a picture straight for instance. Hand tools such as a hammer, a spirit level or pliers are part of the basic inventory in every household. All it takes are a few tools and you'll get your DIY work done in no time.

Bestseller-Paket 3teilig
KNIPEX Bestseller-Paket 3teilig

Go to our full hand tool range.

For professionals

If you already have a workshop, you probably own all basic tools. Take it a step further and have a look at our selection of hammer drills, compressors and high-precision torque wrenches. They’d make for a real highlight in your workshop.

T-8 (wet sander, 200W)
Tormek T-8 (wet sander, 200W)
Tool kits
Swiss Team Plus + Pro (743x)
Technocraft Swiss Team Plus + Pro (743x)
Schonhammer PB 308.40 CU (32mm, 0.86kg)
PB Swiss Tools Schonhammer PB 308.40 CU (32mm, 0.86kg)

Find all bits, all drill bits and our full range of pneumatic tools here.

Protective equipment

Wearing good DIY clothing is essential. You’ll do yourself a favour if you wear protective gear. As experienced as you are, accidents can always happen. Stay safe and make sure you’re able to work on many more projects in the future.

See our full range of protective equipment here.

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Ramon Schneider
Ramon Schneider
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