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    Pia's Picks: storage boxes for stashes big and small

    by Pia Seidel

Storage boxes

Storage boxes help you to tidy up your personal chaos and store any loose items that might be lying around. Storage boxes can be purely functional or decorative.

Under bed storage boxes or flat boxes on wheels are especially popular for bedrooms. They're handy to store bed linen, pyjamas or shoes you don't wear often under the bed. Textile boxes are suitable for storing your clothes and make sure your wardrobe is tidy and not too full.
Wooden boxes made of teak and bamboo or decorative baskets are suitable for bathrooms. Due to the high humidity in your bathroom, cardboard boxes should be avoided.
Toy boxes with lids are particularly suitable for the children's room, as they allow you to store toys without them collecting dust. Children will even voluntarily store their Lego in the boxes by Room Copenhagen.
If you want to store things in the basement or in the attic, vacuum boxes or plastic boxes with handles and lids are recommended. This way, your belongings are protected from dust, moisture and moths. The best-known models are by the brands Rotho, KIS and Zeller Present. Decorative boxes are also great for living rooms. The Scandinavian brands Bloomingville, house doctor, ferm living and Hübsch aren't only handy, but also appeal to design enthusiasts.