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Is plant-based meat «Beyond Meat» any good?

The «Beyond Burger» reached Zurich just a few days ago. It’s now available in all three «Helvti Diners». The plant-based patty was created as a genuine meat substitute: that’s including meat’s typical reddish colour and browning qualities. But does it also taste like meat?

«I don’t want to give too much away,» my workmate David tells me, «but try the purely vegan one AND the cheeseburger». He had given the burgers a go a few days before me. The cheese used in the vegan «Plant Based Burger» is made from cashew nuts, and the brioche bun does not contain butter. Frankly, I’m sceptical. To be on the safe side, I also order the double cheeseburger. We’re talking regular brioche and regular cheese. With a cocktail sauce. No experiments.

I'm gonna jump on the hype train

The hype surrounding the first truly meat-like burger is huge. It’s after 2 p.m. and the «Helvti» restaurant at Zurich's Stauffacher is still really busy. It takes a few minutes until we are served. «What are you expecting?» photographer Thomas asks me. «Meat. Meat that isn’t meat.» Thomas says nothing in reply but gives me a puzzled look. I don’t blame him. After all, I gave him an answer that wasn’t really an answer. «Ideally, it should have the same texture as meat. Juicy on the inside and not all brittle like mushroom schnitzel. And it should have a crust. If it ticks all those boxes, I’m happy,» I elaborate. «Gotcha. Meat that isn’t meat,» Thomas says and pulls a camera out of his bag. Our burgers are ready.

The burgers look yummy, but I find the patties a little too uniform

«Yep. That’s a burger alright,» I think to myself while Thomas arranges the plates for their photo shoot. My only point of criticism: the patties are too uniform. They’re equally round, equally thick, equally wide. «We get the burgers from a Swiss supplier who’s in contact with «Beyond Meat» in the US,» says Helvti Diner CEO Christian Kramer. In other words, the restaurant currently only offers prefabricated «Beyond Meat» patties. «However, we’re currently testing further «Beyond Meat» products.» Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. After all, two burgers are under my nose. I cut them down the middle. This gives me an idea of what the veggie meat looks like. Plus we can share the burgers equally.

Cross section: looks like meat

Finally, I get to take a hearty bite. «Does it actually taste like a burger, with the sauce and all that...?» Thomas asks me while taking unflattering snaps of me munching away. Indeed, the burger as a whole does taste like a burger. The patty has a «meaty» bite to it, the ingredients in the vegan version (pesto rosso, walnuts, vegan cheese and rocket) are well balanced. The only thing I’m lacking is that typical taste of beef you get in good burgers. But I don’t miss it that much.

Bon appetit: that was tasty

A double-decker minus the oomph

The missing beef flavour is more obvious in the cheeseburger. The double-decker is as juicy as a burger should be and the consistency is also very «meaty». Nevertheless, that true burger taste never comes through. You could compare it to a firework shooting into the night sky with a strong blaze only to produce a beautiful palm tree of sparks with a disappointing fizzle instead of a satisfying bang. Visually, it’s still amazing but it’s lacking the explosion. The same goes for the «Beyond Burger». Tastes great, lacks the bang. Having said that, I've eaten real meat burgers way worse than that.

Breaking point: the properties of the veggie burger are very similar to those of meat

«It’s truly a burger!» Thomas exclaims. «And in comparison they’re not crazy expensive,» I reply after glancing at the menu. Replace your beef patty with «Beyond Meat» and you’ll have to cough up 19.50 instead of 16.50. The premium burger made from Angus beef will cost another three francs on top of that. What can I say, those are Zurich burger prices for you. In any case, Thomas and I agree: the «Beyond Burger» is a veggie burger for meat lovers. Don't like the consistency of meat? Then you won't like «Beyond Meat» either. If the manufacturers somehow manage to add beef flavour to it, then I’m more than happy to order it regularly. After all, meat substitute is more environmentally friendly than meat.

The «Beyond Meat» burgers were kindly served to us free of charge courtesy of «Helvti Diner».

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Simon Balissat, Zurich

  • Editor
When I flew the family nest over 15 years ago, I suddenly had to cook for myself. But it wasn’t long until this necessity became a virtue. Today, rattling those pots and pans is a fundamental part of my life. I’m a true foodie and devour everything from junk food to star-awarded cuisine. Literally. I eat way too fast.


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User hosae

Merci Simon, jetz hani hunger.

User kalliasx

Okay, so after living 4 months in the US, for me the Beyond Burger is the best burger there is, bar none or VERY few joints like maybe Road Runner and The Hamburger Foundation in Geneva. Still, I much prefer the Beyond for one simple reason: it's not meat (I'm a felxitarian), but more importantly, I don't feel heavy and it digest like a DREAM.

So yeah, Beyond Burger for the win. But, all the pictures I've seen show one big problem for me. The burgers you've tasted are all OVERCOOKED. The Beyond burger requires only 3 min on each side cooking/searing. And it stays very pink inside when this is followed. For some reason, which I imagine is psychological, all the beyond pics I've seen in this article and around the net for those who tried in CH this amazing product, all show a brownish center. You ought to try it 3 min on each side, which leaves 80% of the patty pink inside, that makes it so more flavourful and juicer to me. And they're plants, so no need to worry about the "my meat is uncooked" factor.

We need Coop or Migros or any store to pick these up and sell them direct to customer, like many stores do in the US. There it's $6.95 for two patties and I was eating them every 2-3 days. I don't even care paying 10-15 for them, but we need some store chain to pick them up so more people can discover that they can eat what taste and smells like meat (in fact I'd say for some even better!) and is better for health. And trust me, these are better than EVERY burger patties you've ever bought in a supermarket. In the US there are even fast food chains that proposes them, and sure, they cost more than their meat offering, but so worth it!

Galaxus, you must have a lot of contacts, could you maybe convince Coop or Migros or both to get these imported for the pleasure of all that live in our beautiful countrY? It's the the ONE thing I miss from the US, this fantastic burger that is better than real meat (for me, not trying to start a war, LOL, tastes are subjective after all).

I don't know if this would help, but the French company Creta Gel is already importing it.

We need a Swiss company to do so too, and quick. If you know where to buy this amazing burger outside of a restaurant, please let me know!

Cheers and thanks for the article.

User Anonymous

Wär cool, wenn man das Zeugs auch z.B. in der Migros kaufen könnte...