Insider shopping cart fillers revealed!
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Insider shopping cart fillers revealed!

Léonie de Montmollin
Zurich, on 12.01.2016
There is no order surcharge for orders of CHF 50.– or more and Galaxus employees are no exception when it comes to this rule. We wanted to find out what our team members fill their shopping carts with and conducted a brief survey. The results reveal that Galaxus’ broad range of products provides plenty of possibilities to fill your shopping cart with handy bits and bobs until that magic threshold is reached. Admittedly, the most popular items aren't particularly sexy. But hey, they're useful!

To cover logistical costs, a minimum order surcharge of CHF 50.– applies – also to Galaxus employees. We asked a bunch of team members about their shopping cart fillers of choice and have put together a list of favourites – warts and all. The results of this not very representative survey show that shopping carts are filled with unattractive but handy items: detergents, body care products and batteries. Popular articles also include scented candles and fragrance diffusors. Travel buffs and notorious charger misplacers regularly order chargers and power cables. Need more inspiration? Check out our complete survey results!

Find out why a minimum order surcharge was introduced in the first place right here.

1st place: Cleaning products

2nd place: Room fragrance and relaxation

Small Jar (104g, Apple, Lemon, lavender, Lily, Fresh)
Quantity discount
Yankee Candle Small Jar (104g, Apple, Lemon, lavender, Lily, Fresh)

3rd place: Power and bulbs

LONGLIFE Power (12pcs., AAA / LR03 / Micro)
Quantity discount
Varta LONGLIFE Power (12pcs., AAA / LR03 / Micro)
Kugel (E27, 7W)
Megaman Kugel (E27, 7W)

4th place: Stuff for the kitchen

Ice cube bag (10 pieces of 24 cubes each)
Quantity discount
3.30for 4 Pieces
Freshstar Ice cube bag (10 pieces of 24 cubes each)

5th place: Office supplies

Super Sticky Cape Town (48 x 48 mm)
Quantity discount
4.05for 4 Pieces
Post-It Super Sticky Cape Town (48 x 48 mm)

6th place: Body care and styling

Cotton Dry (roll-on, 50ml)
Quantity discount
5.45for 3 Pieces
Rexona Cotton Dry (roll-on, 50ml)

7th place: Coffee maker accessories

8th place: Sports accessories

9th place: Car accessories

10th place: Kids' birthday party

Minifigures Minifigures, Series 13 (71008)
LEGO Minifigures Minifigures, Series 13 (71008)

11th place: Low-cost home organisers

Timeless (A4)
Quantity discount
7.40for 3 Pieces
Rotho Timeless (A4)

More tipps

  • If you're not in a rush, simply add your items of desire to your shopping list and wait until you've hit the CHF 50.– mark.
  • Place collective orders for friends and family.

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Léonie de Montmollin
Léonie de Montmollin

Portfolio Development Manager, Zurich

When I’m not busy putting together home décor themes or planning marketing activities for Galaxus, I enjoy decorating my home with things I love and starting DIY projects I finish all too rarely. The inspiration I get comes from blogs, magazines and travels. My favourite home living styles: Nautical, Scandinavian and Nordic.

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