• How to tame unruly hair before exercising

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    by Natalie Hemengül

Hair gel

Hair gel is a staple styling product for both men and women, perfect for creating a variety of hairstyles from slicked-back looks to defined curls. It is soughtafter for its ability to hold a style in place for extended periods, making it a favored choice for those heading to work, social events, or those who simply want to maintain their look throughout the day. Customers often look for hair gel that not only provides the desired hold but also nourishes hair and leaves it looking healthy and shiny.

When shopping for hair gel, consider the level of hold you need. Hairstyles that require sharp definition or need to withstand vigorous activity will benefit from a strong-hold gel. For more natural, flexible styles, a light-to-medium hold may suffice. Other properties to look for include the finish – whether you prefer a shiny or matte look – and whether the gel is water-based for easy washing out or oil-based for extra conditioning. For those with curls, choosing a gel specifically formulated to define and enhance curls can be a game-changer. Additionally, checking whether the product is free from alcohol and other potentially drying ingredients can be important for hair health.

Diving into specific brands, Moroccanoil is applauded for its 'Curl' gel that helps to sculpt and hydrate curls, imparting shine without the stiffness. American Crew's 'Fibre' offers a strong, pliable hold with a natural matte finish, ideal for a modern, textured look. Goldwell's 'Ultra Volume Stylesign' gel is engineered for those who desire both a robust hold and a boost in volume, perfect for fine hair that tends to fall flat. Reuzel's 'Extreme Hold Matte' gel delivers a no-shine finish with the strongest grip imaginable, made for the most defiant of hairstyles. Lastly, Uppercut Deluxe's 'Pomade' is widely appreciated for its versatility, offering a moderate hold with just the right amount of shine, suitable for a wide range of hair types and styles. Each brand brings a unique edge to your hairstyling arsenal, catering to a variety of hair textures and style preferences.