Handy shopping cart fillers to avoid minimum order surcharge
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Handy shopping cart fillers to avoid minimum order surcharge

Julia Dürr
Zurich, on 09.04.2018
Translation: Eva Francis
The item in your shopping cart costs just below the minimum order value of CHF 50.–? You’d rather avoid the minimum order surcharge, but don’t know what else to get? Check out these products that cost little (but enough to cross that CHF 50.– threshold) and come in handy every day.

Cleaning products

There are many household products that need regular refilling or restocking. They’re often rather heavy or bulky, so why not order them with us and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep.


The black hole that swallows socks has once again left you with a single sock? Don’t despair – just get new ones with us.

Sneaker (3Pair, 36, 38, 37, 35)
Camano Sneaker (3Pair, 36, 38, 37, 35)
Christmas Socks (3Pair, One size)
Bekväm Christmas Socks (3Pair, One size)
Sneaker (3Pair, 36, 38, 37, 35)
S.Oliver Sneaker (3Pair, 36, 38, 37, 35)

Kitchen utensils

Chopping, preserving, decorating, freezing: These kitchen gadgets always come in handy.

Bin bags
35l Anti-Geruch (9x, 35l)
Swirl 35l Anti-Geruch (9x, 35l)

Office accessories

Office utensils are great to get over that CHF 50.– threshold.

pointball (Red, 0.50mm)
Stabilo pointball (Red, 0.50mm)
Ringbucheinlagen (A4, Checked)
Elco Ringbucheinlagen (A4, Checked)

Room scent

Scented candles and fragrance diffusers are popular gadgets for your home, but also great as a small present for your friends and family.

Bulbs and power supply

You can never go wrong with having spare bulbs and batteries at home – unless you love candlelight dinners.

LONGLIFE Power (12pcs., AAA / LR03 / Micro)
Varta LONGLIFE Power (12pcs., AAA / LR03 / Micro)
Amber (E27, 330lm, 4W)
Eglo Vintage Amber (E27, 330lm, 4W)

Care products

You can never have too many beauty products or new razor blades in your bathroom cabinet.

Nail varnish
Nagellack (16 Spaghetti Strap, colour paint)
Essie Nagellack (16 Spaghetti Strap, colour paint)

Sports gear

Sports accessories wear and tear quickly, which is why these products are great to fill up your shopping cart.


For the next children's birthday party or just as a treat: These toys are sure to make kids happy.

4+2 Pack Grundfarben
Play-Doh 4+2 Pack Grundfarben


Bargain hunters will get their money’s worth with us. With a bit of luck, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our sale.
Tip: Select the filter «Sale» or sort by «Lowest price» to find our special offers.

Vase (11cm)
Bloomingville Vase (11cm)
Donna (W27/L30)
Cheap Monday Donna (W27/L30)

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