Folder accessories

Explore our diverse selection of folder accessories to keep your documents organized and accessible. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply need a systemfor your home office, you'll find a variety of accessories like cardboard tabs, registers, dividers, and more to suit your needs. Our collection features top brands such as Biella, Durable, Kolma, Leitz, and Avery, known for their quality and innovative solutions.

These accessories offer a gamut of organizational solutions to help you customize your filing system. Biella brings you dependable cardboard tabs, which are indispensable for labeling and categorizing files. Durable champions at providing a detailed Register A-Z, allowing for the alphabetical organization of documents. Kolma's register options offer general categorization, suitable for various filing systems. Leitz introduces a precise Register with 12 tabs in A4 size, numbered 1-12, perfect for monthly sorting or defining specific sections within your folders. Lastly, Avery's multifunctional products enable diverse application, adapting to your unique organizational requirements.

Selecting the right folder accessory depends on the nature of your documentation and personal preference for organization. Factors such as the number of tabs, the format size (e.g., A4), and labeling options (numerical, alphabetical, or custom) will guide you in finding your ideal product. Utilize these properties as filters while browsing our online shop to streamline your search for the perfect folder accessory that meets your demands for efficiency and order in your workspace. Keep your records well-arranged and easy to retrieve with the right folder accessories from trusted brands in our collection.