Empty promises and broken hearts: testing the «Lipstick Eraser»

Natalie Hemengül
Zurich, on 21.04.2022

Maybelline’s «Lipstick Eraser» is supposed to effortlessly remove long-lasting lipsticks. Using it, however, was tortuous.

Some lipsticks last for ages. Maybelline’s Super Stay 24h, for example. It goes without saying, then, that taking them off can prove tricky. Maybelline’s «Super Stay Eraser», a lipstick remover for tough cases like these, is supposed to remedy this. But I’m sceptical. In the video above, I pit it against various make-up removers I have at home.

The challenger:

Looks like lip balm.
Looks like lip balm.
Super Stay Eraser
5 of 5 remaining
8.10was 9.–
Maybelline New York Super Stay Eraser

The opponents

Sensibio H2O (micelle water, 500 ml)
Quantity discount
10.80per piece for 2 units23.40/1l
Bioderma Sensibio H2O (micelle water, 500 ml)
2-phase (Make-up remover, 125 ml)
Quantity discount
5.10per piece for 3 units51.20/1l
Nivea 2-phase (Make-up remover, 125 ml)
Coconut oil- Huile de Noix de Coco (Body cream)
Quantity discount
12.70per piece for 2 units
Khadi Coconut oil- Huile de Noix de Coco (Body cream)

*In the «Make-up Tricks» video series, I share my make-up tips, see if hyped products are all they’re cracked up to be and put questionable products to the test. For English subtitles, click the gear icon, «Subtitles CC» and «Auto translate».

Do you have a question about makeup? Or are there products you just don't trust? Let me know!

The competition has ended.

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