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Dyson Zone: The air purifying headset is coming

Livia Gamper
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In March of this year, Dyson introduced the "Zone". Now the specifications of the probably most special headphones are known. The over-ear with air filter will be available in Switzerland next year.

The "Zone" from Dyson are noise-cancelling headphones with an integrated air purification filter. Yes, it really does exist - the technology company, which is entering the headphone business for the first time with the "Zone", announced the air-cleaning headphones a few months ago. Those who wear the "Zone" on their head are simultaneously protected from ambient noise as well as bad air.

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    Dyson Zone: air filter mask and headphones in one

    by Coya Vallejo Hägi

Until now, Dyson has been cagey about releasing details about the "Zone". Now the airflow is blowing in a different direction. After six years of working on the "Zone", the manufacturer is letting the cat out of the bag.

These are the specifications

The battery life of the "Zone" is 50 hours for listening to music, according to Dyson. However, this only applies when the air purification is not turned on. There are three different levels of air purification, which affect the battery life differently: Low airflow gives 4 hours of runtime, medium 2.5 hours and high 1.5 hours. Within three hours, the battery is fully charged again.

The air purification visor, located in front of the mouth and nose, is removable. This means you can also just use the "Zone" as normal headphones. When the air purification visor is fitted, it filters 99 per cent of particles out of the air you breathe, according to Dyson.

However, "Zone" has not been tested for the detection of COVID-19 pathogens. This, because the spread of coronaviruses is "due to a complex multitude of variables", Dyson writes in the press release. However, the H1N1 flu virus (Influeza) and MS bacteriophages have been tested.

The filtering system has not been tested.

The filter system and air supply would specifically eliminate widespread acidic and harmful gases produced in cities, the manufacturer says. Further, Dyson states that the "Zone" filters the following gases: NO₂, SO₂, O₃ - that is, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone. The filters, which are located in the ear cups with the mini-fans, last for a year.

A built-in sensor on the headphones also elicits ambient nitrogen oxide levels and displays them in the MyDyson app. Ambient noise levels can also be viewed in the app.

Die Filter in den Ohrmuscheln sollen auch Allergikerinnen und Allergiker vor Schadstoffen schützen.
Die Filter in den Ohrmuscheln sollen auch Allergikerinnen und Allergiker vor Schadstoffen schützen.
Bild: Dyson/Tom William Chapman.

To shield the wearer of the "Zone" not only from bad air but also from noise, Dyson has installed eleven microphones on the headphones that are supposed to reduce ambient noise by 38 decibels with active noise cancellation. In addition, the "Zone" is also supposed to sound good; Dyson describes it as high-fidelity headphones with a frequency spectrum of 6 Hz-21 kHz.

Without face visor, the "Zone" weighs 595 grams. That's heavy - for comparison: Apple's AirPods Max weigh only 385 grams. With the visor, the AirPods weigh in at 670 grams.

Ohne Visier sieht der «Zone» aus wie ein normaler Kopfhörer.
Ohne Visier sieht der «Zone» aus wie ein normaler Kopfhörer.
Bild: Dyson/Tom William Chapman.

Why air-purifying headphones?

As absurd as the "Zone" is, its raison d'être immediately suggests itself. Dyson answers this comprehensively in the press release: "Air pollution is a global problem. 99 percent of the world's population lives in areas where the air pollution limits set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) are exceeded." Exposure to pollutants and particulate matter, which Dyson says is a concern, is also a big factor - it does not cite the Corona pandemic as a reason for the emergence of the air purification feature.

The manufacturer goes on to write that the air is getting worse, especially in cities - where it is noisiest anyway. That's why the combined solution with air purification and noise-cancelling.

Release in Switzerland: in 2023

Dyson gives a starting price of £749 - the price for Switzerland is not yet known. And the futuristic-looking device comes in three colours: Satin Silver, Ultra Blue and Bright Copper - with the copper version only available directly from Dyson .

Den «Zone» gibt’s in drei Farben.
Den «Zone» gibt’s in drei Farben.
Bild: Dyson.

In January of next year, the "Zone" will first be launched in China. The special headphones will also be available in Switzerland next year, but Dyson was unable to give an exact date upon request. Of course, I will test the "Zone" extensively. I should be able to get my hands on the test model in January.

Titelbild: Dyson/Tom William Chapman.

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