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DIY sunburn: How not to use a UV stick

There are moments in life when I succumb to wild jigs with logic and end up stepping on my own toes. Such was the case when I decided to use a facial UV stick for my body.

Dear Nina, I know you meant well. But we need some more practice putting sunscreen on each other’s backs. Admittedly, it wasn’t my brightest moment when I decided that a small, compact UV stick for my face would be all the sun protection I’d need for a weekend trip to Valencia. But who could’ve known that there was a real reason for stamping the word «Face» on the product? It protects your face against the sun, so surely it does the same from the neck down? Yes and no. That’s my verdict after a day at the beach.

Yes, because the product does provide sun protection. And no, because the stick has its pitfalls.

The rude awakening

But first things first. After my friends and I had spread out our towels on the beach, we proceeded to apply sunscreen. Nobody’s really able to properly reach their own back, so we help each other. Smart as I am, I decline the offer of using the sun lotion one of my friends offers me. Instead, I insist on finally trying out my sun protection stick and to maybe even use it up. I pass it to Nina and ask her to do the honours.

Five hours later I come to the following realisation: Sticks are not made for your body. One look in the mirror is all it takes to see where I used the stick and where I didn’t. I don’t remember the last time I was burnt so badly. What’s really mean is that you can’t tell where you’ve applied the stick and where you haven’t. So sunscreenless spots go unnoticed until they’re bright red.

Two weeks after the goof-up, my slightly amused colleague, Dominik Bärlocher, takes this ghastly photo:

Meanwhile, the red areas have turned brown and my back now looks like a creative space for first-time users of self-tanning lotion.

The moral of the story? UV sticks are not for your body.

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Natalie Hemengül, Zurich

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