Autumn care for your trees, shrubs and lawn!
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Autumn care for your trees, shrubs and lawn!

Cinzia Memper
Zurich, on 05.11.2015
Cut trees and shrubs to boost their spring growth

October is the perfect time for cutting shrubs, birch trees as well as fruit-bearing and maple trees. Remove thin branches close to the trunk, dead or sick twigs as well as all overlapping or rubbing branches. Trees that were planted this year do not need thinning out. Thick hedges are often in need of a good trim: Remove damaged branches before cropping the green. Hedges should be a little slimmer at the top so low-hanging branches and twigs get enough sunlight and oxygen. After harvesting, many shrubs and berry shrubs, such as raspberry and blackberry, need pruning. Roses and leafy hedges are also pruned in late autumn.

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The final trim

Make sure to mow your lawn before the first frost settles. Short lawns are less prone to snow mold. Lawn trimmers make cutting lawn edges easy. After the final trim, garden enthusiasts should run a rake through the grass to remove moss and weeds.

AFS 23-37 (Electrical connection, Trim line, metal cutting blade)
Bosch AFS 23-37 (Electrical connection, Trim line, metal cutting blade)

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Cinzia Memper
Cinzia Memper

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