Mix and match: Get creative and combine these colourful Giardimo items any way you like!
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A pop of colour: Bring the outdoors to life with this colourful garden furniture!

Léonie de Montmollin
Zurich, on 28.04.2017

Prepare your balcony for summer: Bright garden furniture with a matte finish and matching accessories – there's no holding back when it comes to colours. All displayed pieces are available in the trendy colours sage, mint, coral, yellow and turquoise – perfect for mixing and matching.


Anna (70 x 200 cm)
Brita Sweden Anna (70 x 200 cm)


Batterie 6er Pack AG13/LR44
Star Trading Batterie 6er Pack AG13/LR44
Rita (130 x 180 cm)
Brita Sweden Rita (130 x 180 cm)


Color Lab (200 ml, 1 x, Cup)
Revol Color Lab (200 ml, 1 x, Cup)
Tangier (120 x 180 cm)
Fab Hab Tangier (120 x 180 cm)


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