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7 tips on how to survive the Street Parade

Livia Gamper

Soon the roaring lovemobiles will be rolling around Zurich's lake basin again. Anyone who has ever been to the Street Parade knows how quickly the classic beginner's mistakes are made. Here are seven important tips.

Three years after it was cancelled due to the pandemic, it is taking place again. This weekend, the Street Parade fills the city of Zurich with party animals and techno sound. The big event is one of the biggest techno parties in the world. This year the parade is taking place under the motto "Think" - so it's high time, after the long break, to think about a few useful tips for the big event. Or rather: to recall them again.

If you keep these seven points in mind, almost nothing can go wrong on Saturday.

Choose your outfit wisely

Before you even set off, a lot can go wrong. While the Street Parade is often referred to as a second Fasnacht, there are disguises that are less suitable. With a plush full-body overall, you're pining away before you've even arrived in Zurich. Standing out at all costs is not the best motto here.

Instead, opt for light clothing - according to the weather forecast, it will be up to 31 degrees this weekend. You can't go far wrong with a short outfit. With elaborate outfits, there's a good chance you'll lose half of it before you even get out of the main station. Take the right clothes instead.

Take the right gear


Sunscreen, plenty of sunscreen, ear protection and the right shoes are a must if you want to make it through the Street Parade unscathed. If you plunge into the crowds with only sandals on your feet, you won't get far. Therefore: lace up your trainers and put on a sun hat.

The North Face Sun Stash (S, M)

The North Face Sun Stash

S, M


The first time I went to the Street Parade - young, naive and from a small town - my phone was stolen five minutes after arriving at the lake basin. So take a bag with you that you can lock securely and, at best, carry in the front.

Take water with you - and drink plenty of it too

A large part of the Street Parade is funded by the sale of drinks. But before you even get to the drinks stand and get through the long queue in front of it, you will already be dehydrated. So take water with you. And plenty of it.

You can buy beer, drinks and all sorts at the Street Parade to help finance the event - if you bring your own alcohol in large quantities from home, it will become warm and undrinkable after five minutes anyway.

Watch your drink

While we're on the subject of drinks: Watch your cup and cap your water bottle when you're in the middle of it. Wasps, or someone slipping drugs into your drink, is not what you want


Speaking of drugs: It should be clear anyway that a large event is no place for drug experimentation.

Wait for some lovemobiles first


So you've arrived at the parade with the right disguise, the right equipment, enough water supply and can hardly stand to chase after the first lovemobile out of sheer anticipation? My advice is to wait a few cars first and choose wisely which one you want to go with.

Because the chances of you ending up behind the bubblegum sound of the beach club backplash are relatively high. If you want to be extra prepared, you can find here the order of the lovemobiles.

There are also a few fixed stages along the route, which are also worth visiting and usually have slightly smaller crowds.

Don't shoot yourself off completely

At the Street Parade, it's tempting to go completely over the top: the atmosphere is boisterous, the party huge and the temperatures hot. Just remember, the party lasts at least until after midnight, and you'll have to get home somehow at some point.

Therefore, my advice is to take it easy after the parade break and don't shoot yourself down completely right away.

It doesn't always have to be in the middle

The motto "Right in the middle instead of just being there" only applies to the Street Parade to a limited extent. Away from the big crowds, there are smaller, more cosy parties all over the city. At the parade itself, it is advisable to stay on the outskirts so as not to be overwhelmed on all sides.

If you are at the parade and would like to cool down, just don't think of going for a swim in the lake or the Limmat - the concentration of waste and excrement in the lake basin will probably exceed any critical values many times over this weekend.

As a resident of Zurich myself, I briefly considered subletting my flat to Dutch ravers, but then decided against it. I will go to the Street Parade - but as a fringe visitor. If you don't fancy the whole circus in Zurich: Winterthur has the Musikfestwochen, Kreuzlingen has the Seenachtsfest and St. Gallen has the Sur Le Lac.



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