10 functional and beautiful pedestal dining tables you’ll love

10 functional and beautiful pedestal dining tables you’ll love

Pia Seidel
Translation: Elicia Payne

Welcome to my deep dive. I’ve been searching through all the furniture categories in our range for personal favourites which score in two areas – appearance and function. This time, the bistro tables are up.

A bistro table is usually a small, simple table that’s often used in bistros, cafes or small restaurants. On a visual level, it can be distinguished by a simple circular or square tabletop that rests on a sturdy, single leg. There are a number of advantages to this design:

  • More space: Because there’s only one leg instead of four, less floor space is taken up
  • Flexibility: Thanks to more legroom, more people can be accommodated if required
  • Stability: With good construction, it’s stable on uneven floors
  • Tidy: A single pedestal looks slimmer and adds to a more tidy look
  • Aesthetics: Depending on the design, the base can be an eye-catcher and set the table apart from more traditional bases.

Read on to find out my personal favourites from the Galaxus range.

1. «Braza»: 2 seater

Square, practical, nice: the Braza bistro table by Dutchbone has a side length of 70 centimetres and is a good fit for small kitchens and dining rooms. Because it’s made of metal and wood, it can be a perfect match for many interior styles that prefer to play with dark colours. The table top has a black or brown oak veneer finish that goes well with rustic looks and vintage furniture. The black metal base also harmonises with modern furniture. Unlike most, it’s leg is particularly slim and offers plenty of space. However, for some, it could come across a bit dark and angular.

Dutchbone Braza (70 x 93 x 70 cm)
Bar tables
790.– CHF

Dutchbone Braza

70 x 93 x 70 cm

2. «Monceau»: 2 seater

The wooden table Monceau by Emmanuel Gallina seems to combine various designs. It charms the eye with its soft silhouette and yet looks angular enough to appeal to those who prefer rectangular furniture. Instead of paint, it bears the subtle pattern of its grain. Made entirely from FSC®-certified oak wood, the Monceau radiates warmth and comfort. It’s a unique piece of furniture that enhances the ambience of any room, regardless of whether it’s furnished in Scandi, Japandi or industrial chic. It’d be nice if it came in a larger size so that you could get more people round it.

3. «Top Top»: 2 seater

You could easily overlook them if there wasn’t a metal base here and there: the bistro tables from Kartell’s Top Top series are made of transparent or solid-coloured transparent thermoplastic (PMMA). They were designed for the brand in 2007 by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitlet and are available with a round or square table top. Thanks to its transparency and compact size, Top Top isn’t bulky. Instead, it preserves the light in the room and makes scratches and dust (seem) invisible. The great thing about a colourless bistro table is how it acts like a chameleon. It goes well with baroque design, chalet chic or modern concrete buildings because it adopts the colours of its surroundings. Too universal? In the Top Top range there are further models with coloured table tops as well as outdoor versions. Although the dining tables look light as a feather, they’re impact and weather resistant. The base frame made of painted aluminium is just one example of this.

4. «Itai»: 2 or 6 seater

Itai is made of cement, a natural material produced from limestone and clay. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Scratches, moisture, heat or cold aren’t an issue. The cement table is also very stable due to its weight and even stands firm in terms of style: with its curves and grey colour, it’s a beautiful addition to modern interiors. The only minus point is, its slightly wider base means you have less leg space than other models. The good news: it comes in two sizes.

Dimensions: ⌀ 90 or ⌀ 120 × 74 cm | Material: cement
Dimensions: ⌀ 90 or ⌀ 120 × 74 cm | Material: cement
Source: Kave Home

5. «Bootcut»: seats up to 4

If Venture Home’s Bootcut table made of solid FSC®-certified oak were a person, it would dress in an unconventional, avant-garde or even provocative way. This could be an all-black outfit or a look with futuristic design elements inspired by science fiction. In short, others would call it edgy because it doesn’t conform to the mainstream. Bootcut fits in any room, but will simultaneously turn heads. The two seemingly perfectly connected panels which make up the base and the dark colour makes Bootcut stand out.

Dimensions: ⌀ 110 × 75 cm | Material: oak
Dimensions: ⌀ 110 × 75 cm | Material: oak
Source: Venture Home

6. «Ibiza»: seats up to 4

At first glance, it may seem inconspicuous. The idea behind the Ibiza bistro table is a clever one: to design a dining table that has a low profile and keeps the chairs in focus. Its simple shape and smooth, matt, white surface complements various furnishing styles – especially Scandinavian or minimalist. Because its extremely narrow trumpet base offers plenty of legroom, it’s perfect for small living areas. The Ibiza is really affordable due to the materials – it’s made of MDF wood and metal. But you can also get a real wood tabletop for it and there’s a black version.

Dimensions: ⌀ 110 × 74 cm | Material: MDF wood
Dimensions: ⌀ 110 × 74 cm | Material: MDF wood
Source: AC Design

7. «Bianca»: seats up to 4

Some bistro tables stand out from the crowd because they have a decorative pedestal or are brightly coloured. That’s not the case with Bianca. This piece of furniture by Venture Home has an impressive, simple, luxurious look. The highlight is in the detail: a grooved structure adorns and defines the cylindrical base in both the dark and light oak versions. Whichever you choose, both of them will catch your eye and add a warm touch. The only disadvantage is that the diameter of the leg is larger than with other designs, making it difficult for some chair legs to fit. So here’s a tip: opt for cantilever chairs if it gets too cramped.

Dimensions: ⌀ 110 × 74 cm | Material: oak
Dimensions: ⌀ 110 × 74 cm | Material: oak
Source: Bloomingville

8. «Lotus»: seats up to 6

The lotus flower is known for its eye-catching, elegant blossoms. So it’s no surprise that the Zuiver Lotus table has a similar effect. Just like the flower, it has a large circular shape. And the edged base, which forms a contrast to the round table top, means it won’t go unnoticed. Despite its extravagant silhouette, Lotus remains natural and exudes mountain hut charm. At the same time, geometric shapes are timeless and neutral because they never go out of fashion.

Dimensions: ⌀ 120 × 75 cm | Material: acacia wood, oak veneer
Dimensions: ⌀ 120 × 75 cm | Material: acacia wood, oak veneer
Source: Zuiver

9. «Blanco»: seats up to 6

The round mango wood dining table Blanco by BePureHome could also be called Magpie. It has a spherical leg, reminiscent of pearls which gives the table a chic look. Although the decoration pictured is elaborate, you can still make it work with your preferred style. The round shape and conservative colour tone makes it a versatile table, be the aesthetic classic, contemporary or rustic.

Dimensions: ⌀ 120 ×75 cm | Material: walnut, mango wood
Dimensions: ⌀ 120 ×75 cm | Material: walnut, mango wood
Source: BePureHome

10. «Antaliza»: seats up to 6

With a little imagination, you can probably see it too: the cone-shaped base of the Antaliza table by Vente-unique is shaped like an upside-down ice cream cone. Even though it has a minimalist design, the shape makes the dining table playful. The balance is just right because your attention is drawn to the table arrangement and decoration, that sit on the dark MDF table top.

Dimensions: 120 × 75.5 cm | Material: MDF wood
Dimensions: 120 × 75.5 cm | Material: MDF wood
Source: BePureHome

This is the 12th instalment of the «Form Follows Function» series, where I present particularly well-designed furniture – from A to Z.


Which piece of furniture should I present next?

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